Upside Down Fish Pond

Watch your fish swimming in the air

Enjoy the view
It would be interesting to have a few of these Upside Down Fish Pond of different heights in ponds. Many of us now have a fountain, and small pond with fish inside. But we never thought to put fish this high over the pond, it’s amazing and unique to enjoy the view not only in own yard but also public places.

The German koi enthusiast had a small pond in his garden, filled with fish and beautiful to look at, but it was missing something. That’s when he got the idea to take a traditional aquarium outside to add to his pond by putting it upside down.

This reminds me of the experiment of college physics. How to keep the water in the container high there? The aquarium is made with 1 cm thick glass and filled with water by hose slowly from the bottom of the aquarium to the top that sucks all the air out, causing the water to rise. TCHelmut says up to 20 koi swim up into the tower each day, some lingering there for hours at a time.

Are you inspired to build your own backyard pond with its very own lookout tower? It will be so interesting to watch your fish swimming in the air, but be sure to provide enough space and oxygen for them to live vital.


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