The Happiest Tail-waggers: Adorable Dogs and Puppies Enjoying Nature

Doggie models are very diverse

Must-see for you
You may already know Alicja Zmyslowska from out post about autumn animal portraits. Over there you were able to see wild and domestic kittens, adorable little foxes, silly squirrels, tiny fluffy owls and giant majestic reindeer. But if you are a dog-person, these incredible photographs are a must-see for you. Alicja’s doggie models are very diverse and all equally cute. There are big ones and small ones, older ones and puppies, labradors, pitbulls, Australian shepherds, Border Collies and many others.

Happy dogs having fun by the ocean

Winter wonderland

A delightful trio in a field of gorgeous purple flowers

Charming portraits of dogs surrounded by flowers and greenery

Beautiful dogs enjoying autumn

Alicja Zmyslowska at work with adorable little models


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