The 17 Worst Reasons to Sleep with Him

A few of the absolute worst reasons

Take a step back
You don't want to end up sleeping with someone you regret. That's why you need to take a step back from your man and think things through before you go through with having sex. Here are a few of the absolute worst reasons to sleep with a guy:

1. You Want to Convince Him to Stay

If you think he's ready to break up with you, sleeping with him isn't going to convince him to stay. Even if it does, do you really want to be with a man who's only using you for sex?

2. He’s Pressuring You

Don't give in to peer pressure. If a man tries to convince you to sleep with him, even though he knows you're uncomfortable with the idea, he's not the right one for you. He should respect your decision.

3. For Money

There are millions of other ways to make money. You don't have to sell your body in order to make a living.

4. All of Your Friends Are Doing It

Everybody moves at their own pace. If you're the only one in your friend group that's still a virgin, it's not a big deal.

5. You’re Trying to Make Someone Jealous

Don't sleep with one man in order to make another man jealous. Flirting alone would do the trick.

6. You Want to Lose Your Virginity

Don't have sex for the first time just to "get it over with." You'll be happier if you wait until the right guy rolls around.

7. You Feel like You Owe Him

You don't owe a man sex, even if he buys you dinner and treats you like a princess. So don't let him guilt you into sleeping with him.

8. You Don’t Have Anything Better to do

You shouldn't have sex with a stranger out of boredom. Pick up a book or a video game instead.

9. You Feel Bad for Him

Don't sleep with him, because you pity him. He wouldn't want that.

10. You Need Human Interaction

There are other ways to feel loved besides having sex. Call up a friend and ask to hang out, pet your dog, or get a hug from your parents instead.

11. To Make Him like You

Sleeping with him isn't a flirting technique. It isn't going to make him like you.

12. To Raise Your Confidence

A man isn't going to make you feel any prettier. The only person who can make you feel better about yourself is yourself.

13. For Bragging Rights

Don't sleep with someone hot, just so you can brag about it to all of your friends. You have plenty of other accomplishments to brag about instead.

14. For Experience

You don't need experience right this second. You'll get it when you're good and ready.

15. To Hurt Someone else

Don't sleep with a new boy in order to make your ex cry. Your plan could backfire on you.

16. To Become Popular

Having sex isn't going to make you any more popular. Don't do it to fit in with the popular crowd.

17. For No Good Reason

If you don't have a good reason for sleeping with him, then don't sleep with him. It's that simple. The only reason you should sleep with a man is because it's what you genuinely want to do. If it'll make you happy, then go for it. But if you're doing it for someone else, rethink your choice.


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