Formidable Close-Ups of Animal Predators

Predators are the favorite

Adorable or scary
Animals can be big or small, land or marine, wild or domestic, adorable or scary, but nothing shows the appreciation for their undeniable beauty as an incredible portrait. Photographer Deej6 has managed to take some unbelievable photographs of all kinds of animals. Predators are his favorite.

In the animal portraits below you can see an almost adorable, fluffy tiger cub and a very serious lioness, you can see lions looking less serious and rather majestic in their unsuspecting serenity, a mistrustful African wild dog, as well as a gorgeous jaguar looking so incredibly tame it makes you want to reach out and pet it.

Tiger Cub
Lioness on Guard
Spectacled Owl
Midnight Hunter
Portrait of Royalty
African Wild Dog
Icy Stare
Ready to Pounce


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