Everyone Needs to Try These Relaxed Hairstyles

Take a look below!

So, so beautiful!
Relaxed hair is so, so beautiful. I think that ethnic hair is under appreciated and I love the look and feel of it. If you are looking for a relaxed hairstyle, I've got you covered girlies, take a look below! What's your favorite?

1. Volumized Quiff

2. Sleek & Elegant

3. Pinned Back

4. To the Side

5. Short & Flirty

6. The Twist

7. Beautiful Bangs

8. Top Knot

9. Curly Bob

10. Tousled Curls

11. Waves for Days

12. Curl It up

13. Smoothed Top Knot

14. Retro Curls

15. Long & Curly

16. Purple & Wavy

17. Straight, Straight, Straight!


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