Inspiring Watercolor Tattoo Painting from Korea Artist Silo

Delicate snowflake pattern

Perfect for lovers
While many of us are wearing tattoos, and the trend is getting hot all over the world. Instead of the traditional crisp, clear lines design, we are now having more choice such as this watercolor tattoo painting from Korea Artist Silo. Aro Tattoo artist Silo uses soft lines, bright, springtime colors, and a beautiful floral aesthetic to give her clients a completely different type of tattoo.

After Bored Panda had a interview him, his artistic tattoo painting idea make a hit throughout the web.

Using flowers and animals as her inspiration, Silo’s tattoos look more like watercolors than tattoos inked into skin.

Silo works in the “watercolor” style of tattooing, which became popular in the past few years. It’s characterized by soft washes of color, just like a watercolor painting. It’s also known for its absence of black outlines that most traditional tattoos have.

These matching tattoos show the same design, one version in color, and one in black and gray, perfect for lovers.

Not all just flowers. The silhouettes of these whales have a delicate snowflake pattern that makes them all the more magical.


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