Easy Cracker Cake Recipe

You can even add sprinkles or chocolate slices

Favorite sweet treat
Making cake is not necessarily to bake for hours in the oven, but also have no bake cakes as we had before, and this easy cracker cake or cracker candy as well. This favorite sweet treat involves bland Saltine crackers of all things as the base of a very tasty treat she’s named “Cracker Candy.”

Ms Lolli Nolan said that she was hooked on this new and interesting dessert when she had a party with her mother. “What was intriguing to us the very first time we had it, is that it’s made with Saltine crackers,” explains Nolan. “The cracker layer ends up somewhere on the bottom and it’s salty and crispy, while the brown sugar and butter on top is so sweet. The crispy layer of the cracker is unique for tasting and easy to take.” The use of Saltines is certainly different in the realm of dessert, but the combination of salty and sweet is not.

All we need to do for this particular recipe is to cover saltine crackers over a baking tray, one cup butter, one cup and two tablespoons brown sugar, one bag of chocolate chips and a half cup of pecans as topping. Nolan mentions, though, that the original recipe called for slivered almonds instead. If neither of those options sound good, the possibilities are endless. You can even add sprinkles or chocolate slices if are for kids.


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