9 Ways to Update Your Style for Spring

A few updates you should make to your wardrobe

Popular this Spring
Not everything that was popular last Spring is going to be popular this Spring. Styles change. According to Seventeen, here are a few updates you should make to your wardrobe this season:

1. Dresses

Make sure you buy a few strapless bras, so that you can rock this style right.

2. Shoes

It's time to bring flats back, because they can be super comfy!

3. Colors

Draw attention to yourself by wearing a bright orange the next time you go out.

4. Pants

These might look a little funny at first, but you'll get used to them.

5. Bags

These will help you achieve that boho style.

6. Prints

Don't worry, because floral will always be in style.

7. Necklaces

You don't need to wear anything fancy in order to make a statement.

8. Tops

How sexy does this look?

9. Earrings

These will frame your pretty face.


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