Czech Tattooist Creates Stunning Colorful Body Art

Something that will make your skin truly beautiful

Memorable and enjoyable
Anchor, dream-catcher, infinity sign, the ankh, random Chinese character – you want a tattoo, but all of these bore you to death and you want something that will make your skin truly beautiful. In that case, Ond?ej Konup?ík is your man. Known widely as Ondrash, this Czech tattoo artist really dedicates himself to his art and aims to make it as memorable and enjoyable an experience for his clients as well as for himself.

When you want to get a tattoo from him, Ondrash asks you to tell him about yourself and the story behind the tattoo you want in order to make it as personal and as perfect as possible. He adapts each artwork to each of his clients and always works on one single person a day. Ondrash has gained quite a popularity recently and his unique, ‘watercolor‘ style is recognizable throughout the tattoo-lovers community and beyond. We’ve selected some of his best work below.

Abstract body art inspired by science, pointillism and Rorschach

Animal inspired portraits

‘Watercolor’ style people portraits


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