Street Artists Beautify the Murals of Zagreb, Croatia

Street artists have started making its boring grey walls more attractive

Away from the sea
Croatia is a popular Central European tourist destination because of its beautiful coast, thousands of islands, great climate and Game of Thrones filming locations.

The capital Zagreb is slightly less visited as it is located away from the sea and the perfect weather. However, over the past few years, street artists have started making its boring grey walls more and more attractive with their art.

Some artists paint entire houses’ walls, and some specialize in beautifying stuff like fire hydrants. In any case, these artists have made Zagreb a lovelier place for tourists, graffiti fans and its citizens in general.

Artwork by Lapo Lapo Fakin

Artwork by Lonac Flying Higher Than the Others

Medika Diving


Blast from the Past

(Un)natural Habitat – Big Fish

Artwork by Lunar All Colours are Beautiful

Colourful Underground 01

Colourful Underground 02

Converse Wall

Artwork by OKO John Croat and OKO

Searching for Justice

You Need to Nurture Old Friendships

Open My Eyes That I May See

Artwork by Pimp my Pump British Post Office at Britanski Square

Lou Reed


Darth Vader


Artwork by Miron Mili? City Waterfall


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