Reasons To Date A Girl Who Thinks Like A Dude

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1. She has extra confidence, and won’t get jealous.

She doesn’t care what other thinks – whether it’s about her body, or her emotions. She’ll spread her legs on the train just like old, fat men do, and not worry what others will say. Like guys, she’s not as self-aware of her flaws as a lot of women are – she’s happy with what she looks like. This also means that she doesn’t see girls as competition and won’t have jealousy issues, which is always a pro.
2. You won’t have the passive aggressive issues that you have with other women.

Tomboys are straight up, and won’t try to play any mind games with you. Confrontation isn’t a bad thing – after all, it’s based on communication, not acting like a sulky teenager whenever you guys get into fights. The silent treatment never solved anything, and you won’t spend days trying to figure out what’s going on in her head. She’ll just be honest with her emotions and let you know.
3. They won’t spend hours making you shop.

Girls that are drag you around the mall all day are the worst. Instead, these girls like to rock out in sweats and a white tee, just like you, and you guys probably even share clothes because of her laid-back style. If she does need to dress up, it usually feels like a chore to her, and she’s not going to force you to insert your opinion every five minutes. This chick dreads shopping just as much as you do, and it’s what makes her awesome.
4. They don’t have the high-maintenance nature of girly girls.

They won’t expect flowers, let alone for you to wait for the hour it takes for annoying girls to primp and stuff. They can say fart jokes, talk smack and swear just like you instead of getting daintily offended like a flower. They don’t need fancy restaurants, shiny presents, or an enticing salary as prerequisites to liking you.
5. They’re always down to eat and always hungry.

If people assume they don’t eat, they will heartily challenge them by out-eating any dude on their burger or burrito. She’s disgusted by girls who watch calories and turn down pancakes for breakfast. You guys can have junk food movie marathons and eat a full pan of brownies between the two of you, because she has an insatiable appetite worse than a teenage boy.
6. They’re naturally beautiful.

They don’t spend hours putting things on their face and getting ready. This means extra time to have morning sex, or to just cuddle instead of watching her paint her face. Connected to the previous point, she’s usually dressed casually, but she’s just as radiant as girls who try their hardest in a floor-length gown. She doesn’t pile on makeup – what you see is what you get. And none of that is getting on your shirt when she hugs you tight.
7. She’ll be friends with other cool girls.

They don’t have too much in common with basic chicks. The girly girls that you don’t have anything in common with with her either. If you’re worried about being forced to hang out with girls that suck because you’re dating one, don’t worry; this girl has the ultimate bad bitch posse of other girls who think in a like-minded way. This also means that your guy friends will be grateful that you brought around some single ladies that won’t give you a headache.

8. You can buy her interesting gifts, as opposed to boring perfume.

Maybe it’s a skateboard that you’re gonna teach her how to ride, or maybe it’s an adrenaline-filled day of skydiving or zip-lining. Either way, flowers will probably get you chastised for not being edible or being a wasteful gift. You can get her something that you would get one of your dude friends – you don’t have to worry about getting her something super expensive – you’ve already won her over. She just wants to hang with you.
9. Under those clothes, she has a hot body.

Unlike girls who starve themselves to look like anorexic fashion models when you grab her, you won’t feel skinny girl flab and ribs – nope, this body’s toned because she likes to play sports and get athletic just like the boys. She doesn’t consciously work on getting skinnier – she enjoys being active and her gorgeous body gets to reap the benefits of that. Also, a girl who works out is hotter than a girl who “hates sports” and wants to be pampered all day.
10. They genuinely love sex.

It’s not a manipulative thing, or a tool that they use to get anything, and they probably have a higher libido than other girls, since they have a little more testosterone than their girly counterparts. They can get a little aggressive when they’re turned on, which is way hotter than a girl playing hard to get, or doing something with a motive in mind, like making someone else jealous, or compensating so that a guy will like them.
11. She likes to drink beer.

And she’ll probably be able to drink your friends under the table. The worst girl is a girl who can’t handle her alcohol. There’s always that one hot mess who did one too many shots with her drunk party girl squad. But this girl can drink more than a few pints without making a fool of herself.


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