The Butchart Japanese Gardens in the Eyes of the Amazing Jeff Friesen

The treasure of plants, trees and flowers

Wondrous gardens
This is one gorgeous place to visit, a location not to be missed if you ever travel to the west of Canada. The Butchart gardens were created by Robert Pim Butchart and his wife, who started to build these wondrous gardens over a century ago – in 1906, starting with a Japanese and an Italian Garden.

The treasure of plants, trees and flowers cared for over a century is now in full bloom. Butcharts have invested decades of gardening love to create a Sunken Garden, a Mediterranean Garden, a Rose Garden and a Concert Lawn Walk.

Located near Victoria, on Vancouver Island, the top Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen (we already introduced him by his imaginative train travel) whose home is nearby, has the privilege to enjoy, catch and share the special beauty of nature with the rest of the world. Here is the serene Japanese garden through his eyes. Small bridges, walks and ponds present a real vision of the calm Japanese nature landscaping.


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