Hand-Crafted Geometric Spheres Made By 93-Year-Old Grandmother

Using the thread of old kimonos

Sweet and awesome
Creating Temari balls is a traditional folk art form that originated in China and was introduced to the Japanese during the seventh century. The spheres are typically made using the thread of old kimonos and serve as gifts for parents or grandparents to give their children on New Year's day. Every sphere is made with either a secret, handwritten wish hidden inside or some sort of noise maker such as bells, beads, etc. Mathematical principals are utilized in their creation, resulting in the stunning, beautifully synchronized designs that adorn them.

A Flickr user by the name of NanaAkua photographed an astonishing collection of geometric Temari spheres created by her 93-year-old grandmother who did not pick up the art form until her 60s. She has made hundreds of them since, all of which have been uploaded by her granddaughter. She continues to craft the remarkable little spheres to this day, though unfortunately, they are not available for purchase.



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