17 Tips for Enhancing Your Dating Profile

There's nothing wrong with flirting with boys online

Basic safety tips
You shouldn't be embarrassed about creating a dating profile. As long as you follow basic safety tips, there's nothing wrong with flirting with boys online. Of course, it can be hard to find someone perfect for you. If you need some help, here are a few tips for enhancing your dating profile:

1. Put up Pictures of Your Face and Body

Boys want to know what you really look like. That means they want to see your face and your body, not just one or the other.

2. Use a Fandom Phone Case or Shirt

If you want your conversations to be more interesting, put up a picture of yourself wearing a Star Wars shirt or holding a Pokemon mug. That way, fellow fans will start convos off by complimenting your taste instead of your looks.

3. Put up Clear Pictures

You don't want to put up any blurry photos. It's not all that hard to take a new, clear shot and use it as your profile picture.

4. Don’t Use Pictures with Other People in Them

If your photos have several girls standing next to you, men won't have any idea which girl you are. That's a huge no-no.

5. State Your Real Age

Don't lie about your age. It's not a great way to start off a relationship.

6. Put Your Occupation on It

You should mention what type of work you do, because your career is a huge part of your life. It could spark some interesting conversations.

7. List Some of Your Interests

Even if you think you lead a boring life, list off the things you like to do. That way, you'll find boys that share your interests.

8. State What You’re Looking for

If you want a relationship, state that. If you want a fling, make it clear.

9. Keep Things Short and Sweet

You don't want your bio to be paragraphs long. No one is going to spend time reading all of it.

10. Don’t Say Anything Negative about Yourself

Your dating profile should be entirely positive. It's not the time to mention how much you hate yourself.

11. Smile

Try to smile in the photographs you use. It'll make you look friendly and approachable.

12. Let Your Friends Look over the Profile

Your buddies will be honest with you. They'll tell you what you should change or add to make yourself come across as super sexy.

13. Be Honest

There's no reason to lie on your profile. Be honest about who you are and what you want from boys.

14. Use Proper Grammar

Check your profile for spelling and grammar mistakes. If your page is littered with them, you'll appear uneducated.

15. Use Recent Photographs

You don't want to use photos of yourself with a different hair color. Try to keep your photos recent.

16. Change Your Pictures Every Few Weeks

Change your picture whenever you take a new, amazing one. That way, boys who originally looked past you might reconsider.

17. Sign up for the Right Dating Site

Different types of men sign up for different types of websites. If you want a hook up, Tinder is the way to go. Otherwise, you should probably try another site.

Don't be ashamed of using a dating site. It's hard to meet people, so you might as well use the internet to help you.


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