These Henna Designs Are Going to Make You Cooler Instantly!

Check out these amazing pictures!

Little design inspiration
Mehendi or henna art has been around for at least 5000 years mainly in India, Pakistan, parts of Africa, and the Middle East. Of course, these days you can find henna artists almost anywhere and if you need a little design inspiration, check out these amazing pictures!

1. This Traditional Bridal Look Complete with Jewelry

2. With Stunning Anklets and Sparkly Shoes

3. This Modern Design That is Perfect for a Music Festival

4. A Little Floral Inspiration

5. Beautiful!

6. Make Your Back a Canvas

7. Mandala Inspired

8. Simple but Pretty

9. Henna Crown

10. Now That's Art!

11. Another Bridal Inspiration

12. This One is Certainly Unique

13. Henna Bffs

14. This Intricate Work of Art

15. Another Mandala Inspired Design

16. Hello There Beautiful!

17. Geometrical Design

18. Along Your Spine

19. Perfection!

20. And Finally...


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