9 Unusual Ways You Can Use Banana Peels

Practical ways to deal with the peel

Exploit that goodness
The banana is a true hero of the fruit world: tasty, nutritious and full of energy, it even comes in its own environmentally friendly, disposable wrapper! But wait – it gets better still, because there are a host of more practical ways to deal with the peel than just throwing it away.

It’s well-known that the mushy part of the banana is packed full of vitamins and minerals, but the nutritional properties of the peel should not be overlooked. Creating a smoothie or boiled juice drink from the skin can be a delicious way to deliver carbs, resistant starch and fibre to your system, which can be great for weight loss and to keep you energetic. The potassium and antioxidants can also help revitalise your skin – warts and scars alike cower in the presence of a topical treatment of mighty banana peel.

But if you’ve had your fill of fruit, there are plenty of other ways to exploit that goodness. If you mulch, mulch ‘em – but alternatively, adding peel to a plant pot is a great cheat to see off greenflies, or it can even be used to create organic firelighter. This simple infographic breaks it down in more detail, with additional ways to utilize the power of peel around your home.


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