12 Haunted Castles Carrying Chilling Tales From the Past

They feed the human hunger for rumors and slander

Sharinge the ghost legends
Large noble buildings carry dark histories. Built to last many centuries, sturdy and isolated, they are homes to prominent families, famous army men and politicians. When the riches are huge, the shady part of human nature comes to surface. Stories about noble dynasties are often accompanied by blood-shedding, eerie and gut-wrenching events. These haunted castles may be far apart, but they all share the ghost legends that go far into the history lineage of their residents. True or not true, they feed the human hunger for rumors and slander. When an exciting dark tale comes up, everyone just becomes all ears!

Wolfsegg Castle, Germany

Hosting ghosts for five centuries, the Wolfsegg Castle is haunted by the spirits of the two farmers who killed the adulteress wife of the owner who hired them.
Predjama Castle, Slovenia

Located in a cave and built with hidden passages in the 15th century, the castle is haunted by the ghost of a knight who was killed fighting against those who have surrounded the castle.
Himeji Castle, Japan

The castle is the eternal home to Okiku, a mythical Japanese ghost character who lives in the well and rises at night. Once he counts to nine, he shrieks and goes back to the well.
Dragsholm Castle, Denmark

The ghost of the White Lady which lives in the Dragsholm Castle is of a noble girl whose father locked her up after he found out that she loves a commoner. A skeleton wearing a white dress was found in its walls at the beginning of the previous century.
Chateau De Brissac, France

Built in the 11th century, the previous resident of the castle caught his wife with another man and killed them both. Their ghosts are still believed to reside in the castle.
Belcourt Castle, Rhode Island

Originally the home of Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont, the castle was later bought by the Tinney family. The ghost of Harold Tinney still lives there, long after his death.
Castle Fraser, Scotland

Castle Fraser was a home to a princess who was murdered in her sleep. Rumors say that she still wanders in the castle halls at night. She can not come to peace as the occupants tried to hide the trails from her death, but could not manage to do so.
Castle of Bardi, Italy

The Castle of Bardi is haunted by a ghostly dark romance story. Moroello, an army captain who lived there, killed himself after his lover Soleste committed a suicide, thinking that her beloved lost his life in battle.
Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

Built in the 17th century, the castle is a home to the ghosts of Lady Anne Barnard who lived there, a ghost of a soldier who hanged himself in the bell tower and armies of ghost soldiers.
Castle of Horst, Belgium

The ghost of the Lord of Rode returns at midnight in a carriage with six wild horses. He can not find his peace because he murdered a priest who was believed to have an affair with his wife.
Arundel Castle, England

Built in West Sussex in the 11th century, the castle is haunted by the ghost of the first Earl of Arundel.
Larnach Castle, New Zealand

The home of William Larnach, a New Zealand politician whose home was haunted by the ghosts of Kate, the daughter of the original landlord and Eliza, Larnach’s first wife.


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