Rainbow Bagels

The Outrageously Beautiful Food Trend Taking Over Brooklyn

Topped with funfetti cream cheese
The newest trend taking Instagram by storm is these multi-hued rainbow bagels brought to us by The Bagel Store in Brooklyn – they make for incredible social media pics that are just waiting to be covered in likes. Sure, you might be crashing all day from the sugar high that only a miraculous rainbow bagel topped with funfetti cream cheese can provide – but it’s totally worth it.

Owner Scot Rossillo comments about the bagels: ”It’s an absolute labor of passion and art, “A tremendous amount of discipline is required to make the world’s most beautiful bagel.” And that sacrifice gives way to some visually stunning food.

The dough is dyed with a neon color before being shaped into mounds. The different colored mounds are then flattened, layered, sliced and rolled into long pieces which are twisted into the dreamy treat.


The process looks ridiculously cool and like you’re watching something go down at the Willy Wonka factory, or like you’re in a Play Doh factory.

100 rainbow bagels reportedly take as much time to make as 1,000 regular bagels (5 hours), so these really are the unicorn of bagels, and are a rare gift given to us that take more love and care than regular bagels.

These bagels are too cool and unusual for plain old cream cheese – so the Bagel Shop brightens it up with Funfetti schmear, making it even sweeter and dotting the frosting with little pastel stars, making it look like the unicorn of bagels.

The bagels are just under four bucks and they look worth every penny, due to the love and disciplined effort that the workers put in for them. They practically market themselves due to the love they get on social media, showering peoples’ Instagrams with thousands of likes.

So ultimately, the verdict on eating neon cake for breakfast? Yes please. They’re unique looking, and these stunning morsels are bound to put a smile on your face in the morning – and the sugar high of the century.


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