When Famous Brands Take a Bit of Their Own Medicine

Extraordinary transport-related design creations

Industrial design and graphic
Marco Schembri is an Italian designer from Messina, Italy, whose specialty is industrial design, graphic and automotive design. Marco now lives in Malta and makes extraordinary transport-related design creations. From time to time, he surprises with some cool design idea such as this series of famous logos affected by their own advertising campaigns. What would happen to the logo if it took its own advice?

McDonald’s gets full and well-rounded, or just plain fat

Starbucks is more than awake, almost anxious

Braun gets trimmed

Nestle is a mess of coffee beans

Durex is… well, you know

Absolut gets all foggy and blurred

Red Bull grows aggressively

Gillette gets a cut by its own blade

Zippo is all puffing and smoky

And finally, Nutella gets to spend a lot of time at the loo


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