Top Photographer Captures The Magical Essence of Kashmirs

Capture the essence in the best possible moment

Patiently dwelling
Look into the eyes of the people on the portraits in this series and it will become more than clear why is Steve McCurry a photography icon. Steve’s origin is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and he ranks among the prime in his field for thirty years. Famous for visiting the photography locations and patiently dwelling among the locals to capture the essence in the best possible moment, he put Cuba, Nepal, Brazil and Burma among the other places on his map. He spent a great part of his career traveling with the color-contrasted Kashmir in India being one of his favorite destinations. During his stay in Kashmir, he brought to life one of his most lively and vivid series. Steve McCurry is the master of perfect composition – skillful to select the best fractions of the flower markets, eyes and faces of local citizens and field workers. By giving them a warm touch setting, he delivers the perfect sense of everyday human vulnerability.


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