Cute Koala VS. Wet Koala

Okay, Which One Of You Guy Fawkes Motherfuckers Switched Out These Cute Koala Pics For Wet Koala Pics?

Pictures of soaking-wet koala
You sons of bitches. You Anonymous, hacking pieces of shit. You crept into our code and switched out our adorable picture of a koala munching on some leaves with this disgusting picture of a soaking-wet koala. How dare you. How fucking dare you.

What exactly inspired you to hack our shit and paste this horrible wet koala pic over the cute and totally dry koala pic we had here originally? Oh dear, did we run afoul of your precious sensibilities, you V For Vendetta–cosplaying dipshits? Which one of you did it? Show us your face, hacker. Emerge from whatever sad little runoff gutter of the internet you’re hiding in and confess to your crime, you fragile fucking coward.

Before one of you sweaty-ass cyberpunk motherfuckers decided to take it upon yourself to “teach us a lesson,” or whatever it is you think you’re doing here, this was a picture of a cute baby koala kicking back in a tree canopy. Do you know how many people could’ve gotten their daily “aww” from that pic? Thousands. Maybe millions. Instead, they’re left with this drenched monster. Shame on you.

Does this get your tiny little dick hard? Yeah? Switching out pictures of cute koalas with hideous wet ones really gets the blood rushing to your microscopic pimple of a cock? Fuck you. No, seriously. FUCK. YOU. You goddamn petulant child.


Okay, this is bullshit. Whichever one of you Matrix dorks did this better change it back to a normal koala now. All of these need to be changed back. Seriously, you guys. This is not cool. We’re trying to run a website here.

Jesus Christ. You changed this one into a wet sloth. Goddamn it. God fucking damn it, you fucking chodes.

You know what? Bring it on. Yeah, that’s right, Anonymous! Bring it on, you cocksuckers! Bring it the fuck on.

Fucking nerds.


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