A bike measuring 117 feet makes the Guinness World Record Book

A hardy, more lengthy approach

Helping commute from point A to point B
When it comes to being a bike owner, riders have pretty distinct requirements for their bike. In addition to helping them commute from point A to point B, rider seek a frame and model that reflects their lifestyle. While some bike makers and owners take pride in knowing that their bicycle is agile and light, others prefer a hardy, more lengthy approach. And when I say lengthy I mean, well, about 117 feet long.

A cycling organization in the Netherlands called Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg, wanted to see if they had what it takes to create the world’s longest working bicycle and hopefully stake a claim in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records. The bike they constructed did end up being about 117 feet long, constructed of aluminum trusses – very similar to what you would see holding up concert lighting. The sturdy structure is only functional with the efforts of two riders – the first one in the front piloting the front wheel and steering responsibilities and the second rider in the back, actually powering the bike with sheer leg power and thrust.

Surprisingly this model does not require any stabilizers or wheeled security to hold of the heavy middle section. The bike itself is also longer than the world’s longest limo. In spite of being a pretty impressive feat in bicycle engineering and its convenient storage feature of easy disassembly; unfortunately this model will not be available for the mass production considering it can’t technically round any corner successfully.

While team leader Frank Pelt and his crew bask in the spotlight of owning a Guinness World record title, the glory may be short lived as a team in Australia is already making moves to take the title and create a bike with almost 136 feet in length and with about 20 spots for additional riders.


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