MorningStar Dance Academy of Atlanta performs beautiful flower-themed dance with fans

Stunning designs in coordination with graceful movements

Viewers breathless

Members of the MorningStar Dance Academy of Atlanta leave viewers breathless with this performance at the 2014 Youth America Grand Prix’s (YAGP) “Stars of Today Meet Stars of Tomorrow” gala. The flower-themed performance incorporated beautiful fan work to shape stunning designs in coordination with graceful movements.

According to their Facebook page, the YAGP is the, "world's largest scholarship audition, providing performance and educational opportunities to young dance students worldwide." The page explains that the "Stars" gala raises funds for the more than $2.5 million in scholarships the organization has provided to dance students.

The 2015 gala took place at the David H. Koch Theater of Lincoln Center. Amazingly, the average age of performers in this dance was 13.6 years old. According to a recent article by FiveThirtyEight, great expense can go with raising these young dancers. The study estimated that 15 years of a training at a top-tier ballet school can cost more than $50,000 per student.

These dancers certainly remind those raising funds of the absolute beauty of the dance.


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