Awe-Inspiring Stardust Photos of Finland Sky Phenomena From Dusk Till Dawn

Enjoy in the images and live their beauty

The amazing northern lights
If you don’t know Mika Suutari until now, it is time you meet his work. Mika is a photographer from Nurmijärvi, Finland, dedicated to digital imaging of beautiful landscapes made in his home country. Cleverly using the gift of the season switch in Finland, Mika plays with lights in various part of the day producing striking starlight photography. We all know the amazing northern lights and the unknown beauty of the world places far from where we are. Used to have equal nights and days, a photo of the Aurora Borealis is a unique experience. If you love the northern radiance, enjoy in the images and live their beauty while reading the lyrics by Mika: ”And I feel it in my heart, and I know it in my mind, that’s all, ever will be, we’re the dust of the stars.”



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