7 Signs You Shouldn't Meet up with Him in Person

You could end up putting yourself in danger

Incredibly tempting
If you've been flirting with a special someone over the internet, the idea of meeting up with him in person will be incredibly tempting. However, you don't want to jump into anything. If you do, you could end up putting yourself in danger, and that's the last thing you want. Here are a few signs that you shouldn't meet up with your crush in person:

1. He Won’t Tell You Anything about Himself

If you don't know anything about his family or his job, then something is wrong. If he liked you, he'd be willing to open up to you about his life. So if you're the only one who really talks during your conversations, you need to ask yourself how well you really know him. If you don't know him at all, then do you actually like him or just the idea of him?

2. You Can’t Find Anyone to Vouch for Him

The best thing about the internet is that it allows you to do research on potential partners. That means you can find out if you have any friends in common, and if you do, you can see if any of them are willing to vouch for him being a good guy. Of course, if you Google your crush's name, but can't even find any Facebook or Instagram pages, then he could be using a fake name on his dating profile. That's certainly not good news.

3. He Seems Too Good to Be True

No man is perfect. Even though you can get blinded by your feelings and be fooled into thinking that someone is better than they actually are, you should be suspicious if he always says the right things and appears physically flawless. If he seems too good to be true, that might be the case.

4. He Already Has a Girlfriend

It doesn't matter if he swears that he's going to break up with his girlfriend. You shouldn't meet up with him, or even continue flirting with him, until he officially ends things with her. You don't want to become a home-wrecker. It's not worth it.

5. He Wants to Meet Somewhere Sketchy

If you're going to meet someone for the first time, make sure you head to a public place, like a coffee shop or a diner. If he wants to meet up in a sketchy part of town or in his own apartment, then you should turn him down. It's dangerous to be alone with him. You never know what he might do.

6. He Gets Angry Way Too Easily

If he flips out on you whenever you take too long to respond to his messages, then you don't want to see him in person. If he has a short fuse, he could be dangerous. You don't want to be with someone who has anger issues, because he could take his emotions out on you. Don't put yourself in harm's way.

7. You Don’t Want to

If you don't actually want to meet up with him, then don't. You don't need to see him in person to figure out if there's a spark. If you don't feel anything special while texting, then you probably won't feel anything special when you're face-to-face. Trust your gut instincts. You don't want to meet up with someone that's going to screw you over, or even worse, harm you.


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