A Super-Cool New Gadget to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Put it out on the market on a wider scale

Replace just about any standard rope
The way this gadget is sold tells us a lot about its final purpose. Its creators made a project on Kickstarter and for now, this is the only way you can get one for yourself. By purchasing the plastic bottle cutter you can help them put it out on the market on a wider scale. The gadget works in a way that it cuts the bottles length-wise creating a sturdy rope that can replace just about any standard rope. The multi-functionality is demonstrated through pictures: you can use it for gardening and making creative art, as well as for vehicle pulling. It is so strong that, if properly tied, can hold the weight of two people standing on it. The sturdiness is just another reminder of how long it takes for a plastic bottle to disintegrate in nature. What do you think, would you make use of one?


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