13 Things Having An Independent Mom Will Teach You

When life gives you a hard push, you just need to push harder

Constructive criticism

1. Not having a constant father figure, or having a mom that didn’t rely on him is an especially strong message. In so many relationships, women are dependent on men for things like finances, and security, and for your mom to be secure in all that stuff on her own, it takes a pretty strong woman. You’ll spend your life holding yourself to that standard, and it’s a good thing.

2. Never let the boss see you cry. Mom’s shown you how to be strong through thick and thin – there’s always time to cry later.

3. She taught you that you don’t need a man, or anybody, to complete you. You complete yourself, and if you ever forget that, you just need to find ways to remind yourself of your beauty. For these reasons, after you go through a rough breakup, you heal a little faster. Because you know that if you were treated like a doormat, he didn’t deserve it. And when you’re single, it doesn’t really bother you, it just gives you more time to focus on yourself.

4. She won’t be a smother. While some mothers think the approach to parenting is being neurotic and monitoring their kid 24/7, your mom realizes that respecting your space is actually the key to you guys being so close. In turn, this has made your bond with her unbreakable, and makes her the first person that you go to for advice.

5. She showed you that it’s ok not to get along with everyone, but treat people with respect. People might not always get along with you, or agree with you. But your mom was never submissive, and she doesn’t expect you to be either. Being strong-willed is part of what makes you so awesome.

6. Being so independent, she realizes how hard it is to make it on your own, and to have to be your own support system at times. But this has made you stronger, and you’ve realized that you can be your own support system, even though she’ll always have your back along the way.

7. It’s not scary to travel alone. Obviously, there are precautions to take and certain places where it’s not so safe for a lady to travel without a chaperone, but plan safely and enjoy your freedom. It will help you get to know yourself more, which is one of the most valuable things she has taught you.

8. Even outside of traveling, it seems like she has no fear. Independent moms are scarier than a pack of wolves. They’ll stand up for themselves and their kin, no matter what it takes. This has taught you to be a fearless heroine as well. It taught you not to take any disrespect from any bullies, be they peers, bosses, or boyfriends.

9. She doesn’t cut you slack, but in a positive way. She always gives your positive, constructive criticism but won’t let you pity or feel sorry for yourself. This has taught you to pull yourself up by the bootstraps, wipe those tears away, and not wallow in your own angst. She’s taught you how to move on from things that are not so easy to move on from.

10. She will teach you what a true role model is in everything during your adolescence, from going back to school and getting a degree, to figuring out how to support themselves through different hardships.

11. She’s taught you how to be honest, because the only way she got to being the badass lady she is was through working hard and being honest. She can see through lies, but won’t manipulate to find them out, and this has guided your moral compass immensely.

12. As an independent, strong woman, not everyone has had her back along the way. In this way, she has taught you to hold on to your own integrity and passions, even if other people try to shut them down or leave your side because of them. From that, you learned how to go for what you really wanted in life, unapologetically. And it’s made you a much happier person.

13. She’s taught you that when life gives you a hard push, you just need to push harder. Her work ethic in everything has helped her persevere and keep her emotionally in tact, with incomparable strength. Her work ethic has been passed on to you, which will ensure your success, and that you’ll never be a quitter.


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