This Designer Duo Will Make You Question What You Eat

The omnipresence and persistence of junk food

New Gold art collection
Rodgrigo Sanchez Picazo and Mary von Bernard come from Madrid. Inspired by the omnipresence and persistence of junk food, the Spanish duo created the Junk is the New Gold art collection of sculptures with a message to symbolize that we are what we eat. They say we are no longer hungry for heaven-like experiences, but that we want them as greasy and as mundane as possible. To illustrate the pedestal of the junk food, they adorned hamburgers, fries, shakes and oreo cookies in gold. If you wonder why is there a pineapple in the series, Rodrigo and Mary give the answer: although not trashy, they say it looked so good in gold, that they decided to include it anyway. Possible double standards?


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