18 Of The Most Magnificent Table Designs Ever

Brilliant and artistic table design

Reinvent a board with 4 legs
Here at Bored Panda, we just can’t get over the fact that creative designers are still able to find ingenious new ways to turn tables into works of art. You’d think there’s only so many different ways to reinvent a board with 4 legs, but these 18 examples of brilliant and artistic table design will prove you wrong.

What makes these tables so awesome is their effortless fusion of function and artistic form. Each is a piece of art meant to be used, not just admired.

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Wood Log Table

Glass River Tables

Amethyst Table

Citrine Tables

Sparkling Table

Branch And Tree End Tables

Abyss Table


Recycled Jet Engine Table

Swing Set Table

Bubbling Table

Picnyc Table

Wood And Aluminum Tables

Petrified Wood Accent Table

Leaf Table

Dripping Chocolate Table

Moon Table

Ghost Table

Lake Table


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