23 things worth paying extra for

From expensive socks to high-end butter

Favorite splurges
No matter how frugal you are or strive to be, sometimes it's not always worth it to get a "deal."

A recent Ask Reddit thread asked users for the items they used to buy on the cheap until they tried the high-quality version — and now they can't go back.

Over 30,000 people jumped into the thread to share their favorite splurges, from expensive socks to high-end butter.

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"My dirty little secret: I keep a budget for housing, utilities, etc. and one of the items I budget for are delicious cheeses."


"Lots of newbies buy the biggest knife block they can afford, believing that more knives is better. This is simply not so.

"You really only need three high-quality knives: A pairing knife, a chef's knife, and a serrated knife."


"I used to wear cheap Walmart underwear until it fell apart. Then my significant other bought me an expensive pair and [...] I'm never going back."

"Bakery bread, made that day"

"After living in Montreal for years and getting my bread fresh from the bakery, I can't go back to that sugary, foam-rubbery, floppy, bland supermarket bread. Even the fancy stuff doesn't even come close.

"Bakery bread is expensive and an extra effort to get, but so worth it. Good bread is one of the essential pleasures in life."

Windshield wipers

"You'd be surprised the difference it makes.

"If you don't feel like combing through the comments, the most recommended brands have been Rain-X, a ton of Bosch enthusiasts, and OEM."


"Generally speaking more grip = more control, and nice tires will give you that in dry and wet conditions.

"Think of it like this: The tires are what holds the 3,000-pound box of metal and gasoline you're traveling in — at speeds humans just weren't meant to go — to the ground. You want to skimp on that to save a few bucks?"


"Quality tools will get the job done quickly without breaking the tool, the thing being tooled, or your skin. And they will last more than a lifetime."

"Good quality, properly fitted bras"

Bed sheets

"I was introduced to high thread count flannel sheets, which was just the beginning. Now I have 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets. They were expensive, sure, but it's like sleeping in a cloud now."


"Pillows are so important. After I got one that's pretty expensive, yet the most comfortable I could possibly get, my sleep quality has increased 10/10."


"I will never forget how fresh my teeth felt after using [my Sonicare toothbrush] the first time, and my dentist even compliments me on how much less plaque I have now."

Office chairs

"The difference is unreal, I never knew my posture would change so much."


"Kerrygold has so much more flavor than store brand. I don't eat it often, but it's worth it every time."


"There are a lot of great drugstore products and makeup is mostly a rip-off, but it still doesn't compare to my favorite professional quality products."


"I used to scoff at people for paying $20+ for a single pair of socks when you could buy a 6 pack of hanes for like $10.
"I'll never go back to Hanes again."


"Once I started using better quality ones I started taking more random notes at work just so I could write something down."


"My god, the difference between a cheap $14 pair of shoes and ... $80 to $120 shoes is amazing."


"I'm no snob. All I do is get whole bean coffee and grind it myself.

"Then I'll go to someone's house and they'll have some pre-ground Folgers/Maxwell House, and I will be unable to finish it."

Maple syrup

"I can't even look Aunt Jemima in the eye anymore after having the real thing."


"After three years riding the $99 Walmart bike I upgraded to a $480 trek bike. What a huge difference. The new bike is so much more efficient and having a bike the correct size for your body makes it so much more comfortable."


"I have two furry cats and my partner is allergic. I invested in a Dyson animal vacuum [and] I have never looked back! I cannot believe all the dust and fur that comes up! He has had zero problems since I got it seven years ago."

Toilet paper

"It's absolutely worth spending extra on the good stuff."


"The more expensive jeans, in my experience, also last way longer than the cheap ones did, so I don't think I'm actually spending much more on jeans in the long run."


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