Cool New Designer Project Replicates Ninja Turtle Shoes

Advantages of having the anatomy of two toes

Feel like a ninja
Admit it, haven’t you always secretly (or publicly, for that matter) wanted to become a ninja? Someone clearly heard your prayers and discovered the advantages of being a Ninja Turtle! Or, at least, the advantages of having the anatomy of two toes to accelerate, jump, kick-ass and become a martial art champion. Hussain Almossawi from Vancouver and Quintin Williams from Los Angeles created this cool and funny new project to show what it’s like to design shoes that are not intended for humans. Bad news for potential ninjas, though – these are not intended for the market. For now, if you want to see what it’s like to feel like a ninja, you may just need to stick to the well-known, but perhaps slightly impractical socks and shoes with five fingers.


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