Ask The Soulful Muralist: What do the Children See?

Looking into something we cannot see

Inhabiting dark and bland city walls
How do urban ruins and grey buildings become full of life? It happens that there are artists in whom various faces and characters live just waiting to come out and inhabit dark and bland city walls. Seth or Julien Malland is a cool French muralist who shares his lovely drawings on various locations while he travels the world. This graffiti artist paints mostly children characters and enlivens walls via global artistic exchange. This is his collection of children who have their back turned away from the viewer, or unfinished, or hidden – looking into something we cannot see. Discover more of Seth’s hundreds of amazing murals in his archives.

What do the children look into?

Arezzo, Italy

Vaitunanaa, Tahiti

Shangai, China

Fengjing, China


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