19 Extremely Important Photos That Will Leave You Awestruck

Photos are powerful. And this proves it

Frozen forever in time forever
Over the years, the world has experienced everything from unexplainable joys to things that have made us all cry in sorrow. Thanks to photography, we can all now remember these moments, frozen forever in time forever.

These photos are some of the most powerful photographs ever taken. Some of these will make your eyes water.

1. Freedom from pain

A scarred Rwandan boy is liberated from a death camp.

2. Powerful music

A protester plays piano with riot police as backdrop.

3. Innocent eyes

A child from the Erbore tribe, Ethiopia.

4. The power of prayers

100,000 monks pray for a better world.

5. Painful farewell

A North Korean man waves goodbye to his South Korean brother after North and South Korean family reunions. This is the first and maybe the last reunion that these brothers will have.

6. Rising Earth

Photo of the Earth from the Moon, taken on the Apollo 8 mission.

7. Prayer after a devastating loss

Buddhist monk offers prayers for the victims of the tsunami in Japan.

8. Helping with compassion

Co-passengers save a woman who tried to commit suicide on a bus in China.

9. The tragic fall


The "falling man" from the 9/11 tragedy.

10. Thankful, melancholic tears

A 12-year-old boy in tears while playing the violin for his teacher's funeral. His teacher helped him escaped poverty and violence through music.

11. A rare friendship

A Buddhist monk shares his meal with a tiger.

12. Lending hands to animals

A firefighter gives water to a koala following a bushfire in Victoria, Australia.

13. Hope and bravery

The "Tank Man," the unidentified man who stood in front of a column of tanks after the Chinese military marched on Tiananmen Square.

14. The first sound

Harold Whittles hears for the first time after a hearing aid was installed in his left ear.

15. War is hell

A soldier from the 173rd Airborne on duty at Phuc Vinh airstrip in South Vietnam makes the statement "war is hell."

16. A powerful woman

Anna Fisher, astronaut, on the cover of Life in 1985.

17. A death and an oath

Following the assassination of JFK, Lyndon Johnson takes the oath of office in Air Force One.

18. Flower power

Jane Rose Kasmir plants a flower on the bayonets of guards at the Pentagon during a protest against the Vietnam War. The photograph became the symbol of the flower power movement.

19. Sisterhood

Sisters in three different photographs over time.


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