12 Amazingly Creative Fruit Carvings

Some rare and creative people see a blank canvas

Create art
Some of us look at a piece of fruit with disgust – others see a tasty snack. But some rare and creative others see a blank canvas – an opportunity to create art. And so they have with this awesome masterpieces. Enjoy!

This transformed papaya has an extremely beautiful attention to detail on the bottom, as well as the strap. Who thought you could get that many lovely shades just out of a papaya?

This Chinese dragon has stems that are utilized well, as whiskers, and its complex spiral shape is perfect, as is its scaly skin. And some well-carved, lovely flowers decorate the bottom. A magnificent creature.

The fur on this mischievous watermelon bear is so real and textured, even down to the color gradient shifting from red to white. This beats any wood carving of a bear that I’ve ever seen.

?This alligator head is nearly as scary as the real thing, with piercing eyes, grotesque wrinkles and teeth, and a menacing glare. The fact that it’s just a head makes it even creepier!

Forget a bouquet – this extravagant pink and white carving with wisps of green stems are the definition of the word pretty. Almost better than real roses, dare we say it.

If this watermelon artist didn’t complete his task with an ape nearby, we’re pretty impressed. From the lines in his face to this little dude’s expression, this artist absolutely killed it.

?Give this heart covered watermelon work of art to your beloved on Valentine’s Day – at least it’ll be an obvious message, and more original than flowers!

This is one of the most masterful pieces on this list – it looks like it’s drawn, and not made out of strawberries. One of the most gorgeous things you can do with strawberries.

An actual bicycle made out of oranges sounds like it would smell delicious, wear a glorious orange hue, and probably pretty dangerous to ride. But this toy was made with such lovely detail that we want one in our homes ASAP.

?This lovely bird pecking at a basket full of juicy grapes was all conjured out of a squash – and masterfully so.

This luscious display of water lilies and flowers is actually composed of fruit – these floral compositions are done in Thai Fruit Carving, which is particularly meticulous, and the artisans can complete flower creations out of any fruit!

This adorable penguin creation is made mostly carving the skin of the watermelon, whereas a lot work with the pink flesh inside. The portrait of these two penguins sits against a light green palette, and looks like a painting.



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