Domino’s unveils an autonomous pizza delivery robot

It might not be as far off as you first thought

Four wheeled robot named DRU
“Imagine a world in which your pizza is delivered by a driverless vehicle. A world in which you collect your piping hot Pepperoni Pizza and Garlic Bread from the compartment of a four wheeled robot named DRU. It might not be as far off as you first thought,” announced Domino’s.

That’s right, next time you open the door to the pizza delivery guy, you might not encounter exactly what you expected. Domino’s has unveiled their new ‘delivery guy’, DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit), an autonomous pizza delivery vehicle. The friendly looking robot has a heated compartment to keep the pizzas hot, and a cooler to keep the drinks cold. The robot is guided by a base platform sourced from the military and can be controlled through a tablet. This technology resulted in a vehicle capable of following semiautonomous directions to the customer’s house, make the delivery and return to its base, with minimum effort from employees.

We’re are not yet sure how people will react to running into a pizza-filled robot in the streets, but Domino’s guarantees some “surveillance and security” technology will be incorporated into the robots. Although the company has globally announced the new technology, we are still somewhat distant to seeing this little robot taking the streets to make their deliveries. This is because, despite having already been successfully tested by the company, there are still a number of legal issues to be resolved by Domino’s before this automaton is put into operation.


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