It’s Official: A True and Legitimate Panda Nursery is Now Open

Take proper care of the rare species

A great panda tradition
Well, yes – this is true as much as it is cute and official. There is a real panda nursery and it is cuter than expected! With less than 300 identified and a number of about 1,500 to 3,000 potential wild panda bears in the world, it is no wonder we did smarten up and decided to take proper care of the rare species. There is even a full-time job of being a panda-hugger! That is right, these lovely bears need a lot of love to thrive and someone could hug them for a job and get paid for it.

The panda nursery (or kindergarten) is definitely the bright side of people’s relationship to living creatures on Earth. The town of Chengdu in China has started a great panda tradition. Let’s hope to see more!


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