Ballpoint Pen Artist Creates Unbelievable Eye Drawings

Stunning close-ups of colorful irises using only ballpoint pens

Gelson’s wondrous hand
Using them mainly for signatures, we have forgotten about ballpoint pens in the digital era. But some people obviously haven’t. It is remarkable what can come out from a pen, even if it is not in one color. Gelson Fonteles, a Brazilian drawing artist from Fortaleza, makes stunning close-ups of colorful irises using only ballpoint pens. Gelson highlights eye’s perfection to the maximum. It is obvious that he has an amazing eyesight and an incredible drawing skill to be able to pull out such delicacies. Among his pen creations are portraits of people, celebrities and cartoon characters, but he impresses the most with the precise eye drawings. Take a look at Gelson’s wondrous hand wizardry below.


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