Dutchman’s Truck Spade has got you covered

Able to transport full-grown trees

Need to transport a tree?
It looks like we have a tie in the fight of tree against transporter. This amazing truck spade manufactured by Dutchman is able to transport full-grown trees, along with their trunks and roots entirely attached to it, from one place to the next for replantation. To top it off, all of this is done with a single, clean cut down to the roots of the plant. The name comes from the shape of its blades, which are made of abrasion resistant (AR)400 grade steel. To put its durability into perspective, this form of steel can last nearly four times as long as ordinary high-strength structural plates.

One of their largest and newest designs, the 100’’ curved blade Truck Spade, can remove trees with a diameter of up to 12 inches and a weight of 21,500 pounds, including the transporter. A video of this model in action is available to watch below:

There are a number of companies that market this sort of transporter, such as Holmac, as well as sell it as an attachment to their own transporters, like The BobCat Company, but what sets the Dutchman Truck Spade against all else is the load size. Their Spades can take on sizes and weights colossally larger than their competitors, by around double the numbers, even with their smallest model. One of their main goals is to go above the industry standard, and they clearly continue to meet that goal.

Whoever said nature and tech had to be on opposite sides of the game? Here, it seems like they both win.


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