Signs That You’re Falling Out Of Love

If your relationship is truly doomed

Confusing and tragic experience
Falling out of love with a partner can be a confusing and tragic experience. Sometimes, the road is foggy, and you’re not sure if it’s just a passing phase, or if your relationship is truly doomed. You spend all your time trying to go back to the memories that felt so good, but you find it impossible to make new ones with this empty shell of a relationship. Here are some signs that you might be falling out of love.
1. Reaching For The Past
You’re constantly trying to compensate for the current emotional emptiness you feel by returning to things that warmed your heart in the peak of the relationship – what make you smile, all the good memories, your past feelings which were abundant with affection and love…but alas, you’re just grasping for a ghost.

2. Impatience
You start to experience a loss of patience. You’re quicker to react, and less quick to forgive. The criticisms of your partner begin to pile on (whether internal or external), and the wounds that open from fights become a lot slower to heal.
3. Decrease In Affection
When you first met each other, you were all about the PDA. You couldn’t take each others hands off one another. But now, the affection has dwindled, and you barely compliment each other any more. You don’t miss their touch, and there’s a lack of sexual fireworks and frequency. The butterflies are gone.

4. Similarly, Decrease In Intimacy
You start to feel like you live on two different planets when you haven’t slept together in a long time. Similarly, you might try to overcompensate with sex since the intimacy is gone, but it doesn’t work, and you’re just not turned on anymore by him.
5. Alone Time Is All The Time
Alone time is perfectly normal – we can’t all be attached at the hip! But when alone time starts to dominate, it’s time to worry. You start to enjoy being alone more than with your partner. When you’re separated by distance, the bond disappears, whereas distance use dot make you even stronger. You stop sending cute messages to each other, and start to lack emotion in long distance communication.

6. Rearranging Priorities, And He’s Not One
The other person stops being a priority in your life. You rely on other people to take care of them, whereas you used to be jealous when other people would pay attention to them. You don’t make time for the person, and start to choose other priorities that are more satisfying.
7. Eyes Start To Wander
You start to notice attractive guys way more, and every time you’re out with the ladies, it feels like you’re single. You don’t get jealous if ladies look at your guy – it almost feels like a relief and gives you more freedom. It’s important in a relationship that you care about monogamy – indifference is the devil.

8. From BF To Best Friend
It’s not that you don’t feel like they’re your best friend anymore. It’s that they feel like only your best friend, and not a romantic partner who also is your best friend. But if they start to feel more like a platonic best friend than a romantic one, your relationship might be dissolving into a friendship.

9. Cute Habits Start To Get Annoying
That little dance he used to do when his food came at a restaurant, or the private pet names you guys had for each other – now they are so irritating you could scream. You start to see everything in a different light. Their little quirks go from adorable to repulsive when the love starts to fade.

10. Spending More Time With Others When You Go Out
When you’re out with a group, if you avoid spending time with your partner and use it as an excuse to get away from them, it’s a red flag. Same with making a ton of plans without your partner. Socializing with others is perfectly normal, especially when you spend a lot of time together, but you should still be paying attention to someone you love, even if you’re out juggling social events and hanging with friends.
11. A Short Temper
Fighting is a natural part of relationships and is perfectly normal. But if these fights are every day, and you seem to be picking a lot of them, you could be subconsciously trying to get them to leave. If you can’t have a conversation without exploding at some point soon, the jig is up. You fight over small things when you find it hard to address the true issue at hand.

12. Becoming Uninterested & Bored In Conversations
If you’re running out of things to talk about with your significant other, or get bored when you’re listening to them talk about their day, you could be falling out of love. Good conversation is necessary in relationships – if you’d rather watch paint dry than listen to him talk about his life, you’re ready to move on.

13. You say “I love you” less.
It feels awkward every time he says and, and you feel dishonest by just smiling when he says it. You can’t force the words. Hey – if you’re changing the subject when someone says they love you, it’s probably time too et go. Pay attention to how you feel when you say it; if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.


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