Photographer Creates Strikingly Realistic Foodstuff Portraits

Using tea, seeds or other powdery foods to create images

Visual artist and a dreamer
How about a Bradley Cooper or an Audrey Hepburn made from tea? Or a black-pepper Gordon Ramsey? Or a leafy Frida Kahlo?

We have discovered another super cool food and lifestyle blogger: this is what Daryna Kossar calls herself on her 500px online gallery. We love even more that she also calls herself a visual artist and a dreamer because that is what she really is. Daryna uses food to dream diverse delightful photos, scenes and sceneries, ranging from childhood heroes to celebrities and famous painters. If you are not astonished by her skills for inventing the best way to pick, cut and arrange food into playful scenes, then you will certainly love how adept she is at using tea, seeds or other powdery foods to create images of movie stars. Check it out!


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