7 Guys NOT to Date

Make your task easier by looking at male types you want to avoid

Meet your Prince Charming

Bet you’ve tested the dating pool by going to every-Friday-party, scoping meetings, visiting each major event scheduled in your city and signing up for the next ambitious outing, seminar, concert in advance – all in the name of improving your chances in the dating game. Your heart is full of hope and expectations, your feet are heeled, you had the obligatory manicure and pedicure and your haircut is simply perfect. You’re absolutely open to new guys and ready to talk as with this green-eyed stranger, the one with that buzz-cut or even your friend’s brother. He’s maybe not your “dream boat” guy. Your only goal is to go out and have a nice time. You’re not setting a firm priority to find a new BF but on the other hand, it’s always in the back of your mind to meet your Prince Charming. We also should understand we all have different standards when it comes to choosing a guy.

Understand, we’re not going to magically find Mr. Perfect for you – that totally classy, smart, hugely funny, brown haired (you see where I’m going here. You can come up with other traits or standards!). But we will try to make your task easier by looking at male types you want to avoid.

While these rules aren’t set in stone they are very helpful. Just print these guidelines and read every time before going on a date.

1. The Sleaze-Ball

He flirts with every girl alive – the waitress, the fellow passenger girl on a plane, the girl in a shopping line, the cashier-girl at the end of this shopping line and even his best friend he’s known ever since he was in school. He’ll never ever be honest and serious with you even if he tells you he is. Avoid dating this guy if you don’t want to spoil your reputation and don’t even think about any kind of relationship not to spoil your life.

2. The ‘Awe-I’m-just-a-kid’ Man

This sweet guy just need to grow up. He feels absolutely comfortable living like he’ll never die and is still 16. He hasn’t a serious job or even any kind of job. He sleeps over 10 hours a day, knows well the release date of the next versions of ‘World of Tanks’ and GTA. And he will use his mom’s grocery money to buy one of these software packages. In summary: he’s totally helpless. He expects you to be glued to him like an over protective mommy. He’ll only want you to cook for him, clean up for him, earn money for him…live for him. So run, Lola, run! Get a thousand miles away from this dude and don’t look back.

3. Mr Always Right

Remember Sheldon saying ‘If you don’t mind I’d like to stop listening to you’. Please note it before your first date. With this kind of guy it will be the one and only time you will have to address him – a simple ‘goodbye’ will do… He is terrible, retched, putrid, nauseating for your self-esteem thanks to the constant emotional battering. His ego will always be in the first row of your relationship. Ditch him, ladies, ditch him.

4. The Control Freak

He has a big problem with the length of your dress, with a random glance from a guy having lunch next to you, with all your male co-workers. Every single time you’re separated, be ready for his control list:
– phone calls every 15 minutes
– dozens of lashings each phone call
– tones of suspicion every second call
– favorite sentences ‘Where are you?’, ‘Who are you with right now?’, ‘Why do I hear male voices?’, ‘do you have something in common with him?’, ‘It’s your fault’, ‘You’ll pay for this’, ‘Better tell me the truth’, ‘Tell me the truth before it’s too late ‘ etc

The list is endless. While you may like all the attention at first, it’s going to get annoying after a while. Nip this in the bud, baby. The last thing you are looking to happen is to be ‘controlled’. This is the 21st century – girls have been liberated from that!

5.The ‘I-me-myself’ Guy

Going to have a lunch together? Buckle up for Mr. Know-It-All! He’ll be kind enough to let you check the menu but than he’ll give a dozen of comments according to your order starting from your manner of speaking with a waiter and ending with your uneducated gastronomical manners. All these things he’ll say with a snotty bumbling smile. Are you ready to look like a fool every time you meet. And what if you become his steady girl? You’re doomed thanks to his crappy, snobby, holier-than-thou attitude!!! Yep? Welcome to the selfish love paradise, honey!

6. The Grumpy Cat Guy

You never know what to expect from such kind of person. He sulks for no reason. He’s in a huff for no reason. The caps lock voice, the swear words and even abusive language, hysterical pranks are among his trademarks. You may think there are no relationships without such emotional accidents but accidents happen accidentally and his drama queen behavior is permanent. Wanna be his whipping GF? Hope you already know the answer.

7. The Fairy Tale Prince

He is not your ‘Prince Charming’. Repeat after me: ‘He is not! He is not! He is Not!’Everything you’ve ever prayed for… this guy has it all (still repeat ‘He is Not!’ mantra). He’s tasteful, well-dressed, funny, interesting with charming eyes and such a macho, sculpted body. He’s simply flawless. (‘He is Not!’ mantra) Every time you accidentally meet his flirty glance you’re frightened like you’re 15 again. He has become your secret passion. He is a winner of your own ‘Sophistication’ Awards ala George Clooney. You have a deep belief that if destiny gives you a chance to date him you’ll marry that night. If you even still think he’s so perfect please read ‘He is Not!’ mantra. Wanna know why? – He doesn’t exist! Every person have imperfections. That’s what truly makes us love and to be beloved – taking the good with the bad and recognizing that as human beings all of us are imperfect creatures.

So please leave him and go date someone absolutely real and totally imperfect. Who knows who will become you ‘Prince Charming’?!


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