Breathtaking Nature-Made Swimming Pool in the Colors of Soil and Sky

Stunning water creations: gorges, waterfalls and rock pools

Rare and beautiful locations
Australians are proud of this place which stands out remarkably among other attractions even in the down-under continent that has amazingly rare and beautiful locations to present to its visitors. This is Hamersley Gorge, in the Karijini National Park in Western Australia, one of the biggest national parks and travel photography inspirational places. It is rich with stunning water creations: gorges, waterfalls, rock pools and cool nature-created outdoor swimming pools. The eroded craters and waterways have been created in a period of over two billion years. The most wonderful thing about it is that you can actually swim in it! Pure nature’s best is given as a jewel to Australia, perhaps to compensate for the dry vast lands that cover its territory.



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