Signs He’s Losing Interest

A bunch of obvious signals that he is not that into you

The warning signs
It has definitely happened to the best of us! You are happy in your relationship and clearly convinced that everything is moving forward.

Then all of a sudden the man you have tagged as “Mr.-Possible-Long-Term-Relationship” begins to pull away from you. And then without a word of warning you are dumped and you ask yourself “How could I have missed the warning signs?”

Well, there is always a bunch of obvious signals that he is not that into you, but you probably fail to notice them in time. It’s important for every woman to determine whether or not your relationship is going to hit the skids. The moment you ignore the warning signals that things are not going smoothly with your man, the relationship is doomed! All relationships are like a garden; you need to be tending the relationship keeping the weeds clear and the two of you nurtured and growing strong as a couple!

He doesn’t spend enough time with you

This is a scenario which women come across all the time. If you notice that he’s always at work, what he cares about is watching the game, chatting to his friends or going to the gym. Or maybe he spends more time online than he does with you, then there’s a big chance that things are going downhill in your romance.

He stops calling you

One of the biggest signs he’s losing interest is he’s no longer making an effort to contact you. He is suddenly “too busy” to call or text you back. We all know that it takes less than 30 seconds to send a text and a couple of minutes to call and say hello. So, unless, he’s really in trouble or lost his phone, there’s no acceptable excuse for his sudden disappearing.

He’s hanging out with his friends more often

Of course it’s all right for both of you to spend some time with your male or female friends, but pay attention how often your BF is hanging out with his buddies. If he is spending most of the time with them, this might be a clear warning sign that all is not well between the two of you..

Mood swings

One moment he may look pleased, and the next he may get a little snippy with you or even get pathetically nasty and out of control; his attitude to you is changing and this may indicate an inner struggle he is having with his changing feelings. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for your affair.

Sex life

Now think about your intimate life for a moment, it has either progressed or slowed down over time. And it is for you to decide (rain drops or snow) whether to blame work-induced fatigue or the predictable, general routine the two of your share for his lack of interest, but you’d probably be kidding yourself. When he pulls away from the physical side of your relationship, he is definitely pulling away from you emotionally. Admit it.

His career becomes a priority

Has he started frequently working late? Does he escape to the office on the weekend? Everyone can have a busy week, but if he is serious about you, he’ll find some time for you. There’s no need to say more.

Lack of plans

Men are keen creatures and when they are really interested they will actively pursue seeing you again, meeting for a drink, going to see some movie or even plan a romantic dinner. But when he changes plans all the time and becomes increasingly vague in regards to “future talk and getting together” that’s a sign that he’s drifting away from you.

He stops making an effort

Things are not the same as it was in the beginning. He doesn’t look at you the same, he doesn’t send you those romantic texts every half of an hour, he doesn’t make love with you like he used to, he may even be hoping you’ll take the bait and put an end to it first. Consider your options.

Of course these are not hard and fast, “set-in-cement” rules that you must follow. Sometimes relationships just don’t work, if a guy is not looking for long-term love it’s better he move on so that you can continue your search for Mr. Perfect. That Perfect Man of Your Dreams is really looking for you as long as you are longing to be found.


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