When You Boil Popsicle Sticks, They Turn Into The Most Surprising Thing You Won’t Believe

Sufficiently delicate to twist without breaking

Pretty much all over the place
Popsicle sticks have such a variety of employments… from settling segments for tasty sweets, to specialists workplaces and kindergarten create takes care of, they turn pretty much all over the place. Be that as it may, one thing I never contemplated doing with them was wearing them. Until now.

In the first place, take the same number of popsicle sticks as you like and place them in bubbling water for 60 minutes. This will make them sufficiently delicate to twist without breaking.

Once they’re delicate, use them to line within a little glass.

Put them out in the sun and abandon them to dry for an entire day. When you take them out you’ll see that you have flawless arm jewelery molded sticks!


Presently you can embellish them anyway you need.

These were done utilizing twofold sided tape and a layer of Mod Podge.

You can make essentially anything you can envision!

These arm ornaments are just excessively charming, and the supplies are cheap to the point that you could make actually many these with only one box of popsicle sticks. I recognize what I’m conveying to my niece’s next birthday party!


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