Crazy-X tent dwellers meet in the middle

Four sleeping pods that face each other so campers can commune

Shaped like a cross
Often, part of the fun of camping is spending time with friends or family. With this in mind, the new Crazy X tent is designed to make sleeping under the stars an even more sociable experience. Shaped like a cross, the tent has four sleeping pods that face each other so campers can commune under canvas.

Actually, where tents are concerned, canvas is long gone. The Crazy X is made of polyester and has a fiberglass frame. Each pod has an entrance along its side with a zippered opening into the adjoining communal space too, for privacy when required.

Launched by Be-s under the Doppelganger Outdoor brand, the Crazy X is similar in concept to the Logos Decagon or the M2C Innovation Pod Tent, allowing multiple people to share the same tent. Whereas the Decagon and Pod Tent are modular, though, the Crazy X is all one structure, making it easy to erect.

To do so, users need only pull upwards on a cord atop the central section where the pods meet. The tent is said to open like an umbrella and can then be pegged out. Once set up, it measures 4,870 mm (192 in) across its longest spans and has a height of 900 mm (35 in).

The Crazy X can accommodate up to four adults who can lie facing each other to chat or, with the communal space cover removed, lie on their backs to look up at the stars. The low height of the tent means it's not possible to sit up or stand in the tent, but Be-s says the profile does make it more stable than other tents. The tent packs away to a size of 210 x 210 x 540 mm (8.3 x 8.3 x 21.3 in) and weighs 3.6 kg (7.9 lb).

It's priced at JPY18,000 (US$162).


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