Air Pixels Paint Incredible Landscape Photography

An insight to the subjective opinion of the author

Specific aerial view
Fans of aerial photography – here is a real treat for you. The Swedish photographer Tobias Hagg calls himself a “visual creator” and has over 12K followers on Instagram, under the name airpixels. Tobias also works landscape photography, but his most amazing work is from a bird’s perspective. This is not the usual, plain landscaping, as he aims to capture the land pieces from a specific aerial view that not only presents the shape, but also gives an insight to the subjective opinion of the author. The fantastical names of the photos put an extra spell to their beauty, making the artist a poet and a photographer.


Tiny Isle

The Cottage

One way


Leave a mark


Autumn fields

Cabin life


Getting ready for spring


Above water and wind

A place to think


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