How To Make Fire With A LEMON

Steps of making fire with a lemon

Impressive fire
Let’s face it, we’ve all at some point found ourselves in the wilderness with nothing but a lemon. Haven’t we?

Well, if you just so happen to also have with you a piece of wire, six copper clips, six zinc nails and some steel wool, you, my friend, could have yourself a fire in no time.

On the YouTube channel called NorthSurvival, where you can find survival, bushcraft, craftsmanship, knives and outdoor videos, Andree talks us through the steps of making fire with a lemon.

First, he rubs the lemon in his hands to soften it up. He then pushes the copper clips into the lemon and does the same thing with the nails.

Then he connects the clips and the nails using the wire. When you have something that resembles a high school electronics class experiment, you can use the energy from the lemon to produce an impressive fire with the steel wool and some tinder.


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