Lovely Impressionist Oil Paintings Depict Paris in Autumn

Sensations and the flow encompassed by the artistic direction

Tangible individual style
Leonid Afremov is a world-renowned artist with a Belarus origin. Born in Vitebsk, Belarus, Leonid gave up the Russian citizenship for an Israeli one, and for a long time worked and lived with his family in Israel. The painter currently resides in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Aside from being an artist, Leonid is a businessman – he does not co-operate with galleries and sells his own work online. The artist has a tangible individual style, but is unmistakably impressionist with all the sensations and the flow encompassed by the artistic direction. While you admire at the wonderful impressionist gallery of a Parisian life below, you may definitely discover why he is one of the greatest painting names alive.


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