The Gastronomy Jewels of the Top Ten Asian Chefs for 2016

The winner of the last year’s competition kept the crown

True festival
The traditional ceremony of choosing the best Asian restaurant is a true festival. With all diversity of tastes, spices and a variety of food decorations, picking the best can really be a challenge. The event was sponsored by the huge brands San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna and hosted in Bangkok, Thailand with the objective to select the top 50 among thousands of Asia restaurants with superb quality.

Some say that is easier to get to the first place than keep the one. In that case, the task for the Gaggan restaurant was tough. Still, the winner of the last year’s competition kept the crown and was put on the pedestal the second year in a row. Asian dishes are a true inspiration for gourmands. It is now the perfect moment to wonder at the arrangements and tempt your gums with the
palatable dishes.

Savor the memory of the taste for your next Asian trip. Here are the creations of the top ten:




Nihonryori Ryugin

Waku Ghin



Indian accent

Lung King Heen


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