The Souls Behind the Hidden Smiles of Vietnam

People are captured in emotional moments portraying the local soul

Heartwarming new collection
There are photographers who love to take images of landscapes and there are photographers who want to take images of people. Réhahn is among the second.

Born in 1979 in Normandy, France, Rehahn travels to meet people in their most natural settings and photograph what we all want most of all to see – spur of the moment captures that translate people’s essence and soul without the burden of artificial posing.

He traveled to Vietnam on many occasions before, but only in 2011 he decided to move there for good in the small town of Hoi An. That was the perfect time for him to create more than 50,000 images of Vietnamese people out of which 145 were chosen to be put in his photo-book: “Vietnam – Mosaic of Contrasts.” You might remember the Hidden Smiles Collection presented before, but even if you do not, here is a heartwarming new collection to appreciate. Wonderful Vietnamese people are captured in emotional moments portraying the local soul.


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